Elite Gourmet 130 Watt Die-Cast Aluminum Electric Food Slicer-Meat Slicer Reviews

Do you ever walk past a delicatessen and drool over the perfectly sliced meats, admiring the neat edges, making it a feast for the eyes? Do you step back into your kitchen with the all the hope and anticipation of offering your dinner guests the picture-perfect meat platter only to find your blunt knives and bent forks tear and pull at your meat slices making them look sloppy and unappetizing? Its time to get some help! In this meat slicer reviews, we take a look at the Elite Gourmet 130 Watt Die-Cast Aluminum Electric Food Slicer, designed to give you the perfect meat slice without the hassle.

Meat slicer reviews
Elite Gourmet 130 Watt Die-Cast Aluminum Electric Food Slicer

Whether you are an experienced cook or a complete amateur in the kitchen, the debate is still on when it comes to deciding if a meat slicer really is a useful and necessary kitchen gadget. Many meat slicer reviews rant and rave about the convenience and helpfulness of said gadget, while other meat slicer reviews remain uninspired claiming a good set of all-purpose kitchen knives are a much better investment. Points to remember when making your purchase include:

· Is the gadget easy to use?

· Is the gadget easy to clean?

· How much space does it take up?

· Is the cost worth it?

· How well does it cut?

The Elite Gourmet 130 Watt Die-Cast Aluminum Electric Food Slicer, constructed using die-cast aluminum and finished in a modern matte black, boasts a whole range of meat-cutting services for your ease. With an easy on/off switch, the slicer is not a chore to begin using. Unlike other gadgets, with dimensions of 15x11x9 inches, the unit does not take up a large amount of worktop space, nor at 10 pounds is it overly heavy to move around. Set on 4 evenly spaced rubber grips, the meat-slicer will be totally stable when in use and at rest. Furthermore, the rubber feet make for easy cleaning along with the rest of the smooth design.

Besides the look and design of the meat-slicing unit, what really matters is how well it cuts. The Elite Gourmet hosts a 75inch, removable and retractable stainless steel blade, guaranteeing a perfect easy cut, whatever the texture. Equipped with a large slicing platform, you can cut any size item you wish. From a beef roast to small sausages, the slicer is prepared for anything. Similarly, whether you are slicing ham, roasts, salamis, vegetables or cheeses, you can be sure the blade is big and strong enough to get through. The slicer can also be adjusted to slice your meats at whatever thickness you desire. Slices can be razor-thin or even as thick as 1.5inch slices.

Still undecided? Maybe the surprising cost will seal the deal. From just $77, this easy to use kitchen gadget is sure to eliminate unnecessary cooking stresses. There are many meat slicer reviews out there but rest assured, the Elite Gourmet 130 Watt Die-Cast Aluminum Electric Food Slicer will most certainly give you that deli-fresh, picture-perfect meat platter you can serve to your dinner-guests and then sit back while they compliment and admire your skills! http://thebestmeatslicer.com/


If you like cooking a lot, then there is a high chance where you need to prepare minced meat. Without the help from meat grinder, it will be a tough and tedious job, therefore, I am introducing you the best meat grinder which is produced by kitchenaid company to assist you in grinding meat. Here is the exciting news, any stand mixer produced by kitchenaid can be transformed into a meat grinder. If you currently have a stand mixer produced by kitchenaid, you are lucky. The process of getting the meaty grinder is simple. You just buy the attachment necessary and attached it to the stand mixer, there you can get it to start grinding the meat.
One attachment that I personally recommend is ” Kitchen Aid SSA Sausage Stuffer Kit Attachment for food grinder”. It can assist you in doing all the meat grinding jobs and makes cooking fun and easy. You may ask, so out of all the different variety of attachments to choose from, why this? The answer is simple, it is cheap, easy to use and It can make sausages. Many sausage lovers know that sausages is tasty but to make it yourself, it is actually a very tedious and tough job. Most people at home makes sausages by hand as it is quite impossible to get a machine which can make sausages unless you get it from a sausage factory. However with the sausage stuffer attachment, it will be easy and fun to make sausages. You can add any meat and spices that you prefer in the grinder and here comes the perfect sausage that you like. It also includes different features that makes meat grinding job enjoyable. I will go through the different features below.

Best meat grinder
The Best Meat Grinder for KitchenAid



There is a power hub on the stand mixer which the meat grinder attachment is being attached to, which in turns utilized the power from the motor to operate the attachment and hence human strength is not needed at all. Every step is all motorized and thus making the meat grinding job easier. You just need to prepare the meat and spices, and place it on the attachment, it will be done. It mostly helps to conserve human strength and also minimized the time used.


The meat grinder attachment kit includes many different kitchen appliances such as knife, fine and coarse grinding plate and securing ring etc. All this parts is a great assist in helping to grind the meat. Different parts have different uses. For example, the fine grinding plate makes the meat comes out in a fine form depending in your preferences.

3) FOOD TRAY (sold separately)

Although this food tray is not included in the sausage attachment kit I am introducing, however, you can get it from amazon at a cheap price. It helps in giving you more space for extra ingredients so that you can grind the ingredients in larger batches. This helps in saving time and also increase the quantity of food produced. You may not need it at the moment but when you need it, amazon is a great place to visit.

Best Meat grinder reviews
meat grinder with sausage


This is one special features of the meat grinder attachment kit. You can make different kinds of sausages with it. With this feature input, making sausage is no longer hand-made. You can include any flavor you like be it cheesy sausage or spicy sausage. You can even choose what kind of meat to include. Sausages lovers will be attracted to this sausage grinder attachment kit.
1) Able to make sausages2) Safe for easy cleaning3) easy to install and use4) suitable for any stand mixer from kitchenaid5) Cheap
1) Food tray is not included


Till now how are you feeling? Excited about this meat grinder, visit amazon to get it at a cheap price of just 8.01 dollars. If you are currently having a kitchenaid stand mixer, you just need to buy this attachment and you can have tasty homemade sausages. If you do not have kitchenaid stand mixer, not to worry. You can get it at amazon for an affordable price. Trust me, you will not regret having to buy the stand mixer. So why wait? Its time to take action and start buying. Visit amazon for more variety of meat grinder attachments. http://www.meatgrinderexpert.com/


An electronic meat grinder is a kitchen appliance that is usually used to chop or mince meat.It has a variety of uses and this range from mincing meat,mixing meat which could be cooked or just raw,vegetables and other ingredients.They are essential equipment to have.They are important in that one gets total control of the thickness of the grind as well as control of any additives you might choose to add.This comes in handy to those people who have to ensure that they eat a strict diet as it will keep in check the type of meat they consume. A meat grinder basically has various components like the funnel,screw conveyer,and a plate through which the meat passes through.

Best meat grinder
Electric meat grinder

There exists a variety of meat grinders from which one can choose from.This include

1)Electric meat grinder

2)Manual grinders

3)Grinder attachments for food processors

The electric grinder,also known as standalone meat grinder, uses power and thus is very efficient in grinding large quantities of meat.Despite the fact that it is more expensive compared to other grinders like the manual one,it is the best grinder for those who would wish to grind meat on a regular basis.

There exists a variety of meat grinders and depending on the amount of meat you plan to grind and the amount budgeted for,one can choose from a list of electric meat grinders.It should be fairly priced to avoid hurting ones budget because a basic model will just do the needed job efficiently.The grinder should also be powerful enough to process large quantities of meat and thus prevent unnecessary disappointments.The best electric meat grinder should also have a strong screw conveyor as it will be the place where meat will be squashed and mixed.

Electric meat grinder
Best electric meat grinder

When selecting the best electric grinder,one should consider performance.The horsepower and grinding rate should be of best level that suits ones needs.The design should also be more durable so that it can last for a long time and cut on costs of replacing it or servicing the grinder as a result of breakdown.The parts should be made of quality material that are long lasting and stainless.Furthermore,the best grinder is one that the user is assured some form of warranty.The best grinder should be versatile and therefore be able to support various needs like mincing small or big chunks,vegetables and so on.

It should also support safety and thus have a recessed power switch,a circuit breaker all of which ensures the safety of the user.Likewise,the best electric grinder should ensure that the meat is safe thus should not be complex in design in such a way that it will be hard to wash it thorough.

Examples of this electric grinders include;

Vonshef-Digital-Electric Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder Mincer-Sausage Maker 1200W

Andrew James Stainless-Steel Electric-Meat Grinder-Mincer-Sausage Maker Kibbe

Andrew-James Premium Electric-Meat-Mincer Grinder

Homeleader 2000W stainless meat-mincer/electric meat-grinder/sausage machine

New Meat Grinder 1200W Stainless-Steel Electric-Mincer Sausage Maker/Fille

Therefore,the best electric motor is the one that suits a particular clients specific needs.